From Clients & Colleagues

"Absolutely instrumental. Increased client engagement."

Sonya was absolutely instrumental in helping us to formulate and then kickstart our marketing strategy. With Sonya's specific and actionable advice, we were able to identify the most promising niche of our target market and then craft a narrative to best appeal to that niche. Thanks to Sonya's efforts, our recent marketing efforts have already translated into increased client engagement and greater numbers of prospective clients reaching out to discuss our services. Sonya is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

-Dan Kanivas & Wei Wang, CFA
Managing Partners, Triple Summit Advisors



“Unique and valuable set of skills and knowledge.”

Sonya has the uncanny ability to deal with high stakes challenges (and people) in a way that is caring, clear, and firm. In our company, she dealt with very difficult circumstances and people and despite high emotions on everyone's part, worked on everyone's behalf to create the best possibility for everyone's highest good. She defused tension, brought us back to the present reality, and offered options with compassion. She has an unique and valuable set of skills and knowledge.

— San Francisco Bay Area Financial Advisor

"Integrity and trustworthiness beyond reproach."

I’ve known Sonya for over 10 years and have benefited from her leadership ability in managing all facets of running a mid-size financial services business.  Her integrity and trustworthiness are beyond reproach.  She has the strength, endurance, and adaptability to guide companies through major business transactions and transitions.

— Margaret Rust, CFA

“Results-oriented, strategic, and focused.”

Solutions with Sonya is a perfect name for Sonya’s company as that is who she is: a results-oriented, strategic, focused businessperson who is great at solving challenging issues and client situations. She does her work in a calm, pragmatic way that inspires confidence and leads to diplomatic resolutions. She also brings a high level of passion to her work and will strive to achieve win-win resolutions. Sonya likes people, and it shows in the diverse network she has nurtured and in her willingness to make valuable strategic connections. I’ve known Sonya as a business leader and fellow board member as well as enjoying her enthusiasm for life personally, and I can’t think of a better person to have on your team if you want to find practical solutions to complex problems and then get things done.

— Cathy Curtis, CFP®

"Tutelage on Impact and ESG ratings and measurement." 

Thank you for your graciousness with your time and resources. Since we spoke, I have talked to both my compliance department and my colleague regarding impact investing. The resources you provided are so helpful; I have more investment options on my radar. Thank you for your tutelage on impact and ESG ratings and measurement as well. I really value what you do and the business you have created.

- Denver Area Financial Advisor 

"A reliable partner who manages to keep the interests of those she is working with front and center in a seemingly effortless fashion."

Sonya has, over the many years of my associations with her, been a consistently supportive and willing institutional partner and friend of our program. I manage a summer internship program at UC Berkeley. This means I get to interface with many students who wish to get practical experiences in their chosen fields, though sometimes they only have general ideas about where they want to land within the world of business. The variety of options among the wide array of opportunities in financial services alone can be daunting. 

To find an employer who is willing to help students get window into the industry and navigate the choices while teaching them to excel in their given duties and responsibilities is rare. It takes the combination of a great deal of patience and understanding paired with keen industry savvy and this, more than anything else, describes Sonya Dreizler. She has been a reliable partner who manages to keep the interests of those she is working with front and center in a seemingly effortless fashion. As the recipient of this level of professionalism, I can attest to her constantly being there when called upon, which has led to many a student receiving an ideal experience along their career journey.  

I have met Sonya, her staff and family members and seen the same level of attention she takes with each. I marveled at how challenging it must be to be at the top of your game professionally and possess great transactional and relational skills in business. That is, to be able to process myriad activities in the normal course of business while remaining high-touch with all the people involved. I am lucky to have worked with one of the few employers who is both a good teacher and a good role model for our students interested in the field of business.

I look forward to many more interactions with Sonya going forward. As her client in this unique type of transaction, I can hardly wait for the next great opportunity to pair her with another eager young mind who can benefit greatly from her guiding hand, great wisdom and good judgement.   

-Devon Seward Howland, M.A., Internship & Alumni Work-Based Learning Program Coordinator

-Devon Seward Howland, M.A., Internship & Alumni Work-Based Learning Program Coordinator