Pick My Brain - At Your Convenience

Book a 30 or 60 minute phone or video call for ad hoc advice and guidance. This is a great format for people who want to:

  • Pick my brain about the impact investing marketplace

  • Discuss RIA and Financial Advisor office technology

  • Hone impact investing marketing messaging

  • Website & marketing collateral review

  • Discuss & design social media strategy

  • Bounce an idea around with someone (me!) who has run an RIA and has worked with hundreds of financial advisors

  • Talk about an employee situation with an experienced people manager (also me)

Pick My Brain - Free

Every Tuesday from 11:00AM-11:30AM Pacific Time

Office hours are free, have no agenda, and do not require an appointment. Just show up. It might be just me and you or you might meet new friends.

  • Introduce yourself or your company

  • Discuss a new impact investing idea you have

  • Discuss your impact job search

  • Solicit feedback on ESG and Impact products and services

  • Ask me questions about impact investing, business operations, women in finance, or what my favorite vegetable is

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For voice only, call (408) 638-0968, Access Code: 6841273254