Selected articles Sonya has written, or in which she has been interviewed, featured, or quoted.


Using Your Privilege as a White Woman

November 2018 (Season 2, Episode 5)

Sonya joined host, Rianka Dorsainvil, and fellow guest Arlene Moss to discuss race and privilege in the financial services industry. Listen in for a sometimes uncomfortable and always interesting discussion about allyship and what white people can do to advance racial equity in financial services.

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Stars of the RIA Twitterverse

October 2018 (page 10)

Sonya’s Twitter account is featured as a good one to follow for RIAs for both the ESG advice as well as practice management tips.

Demand for ESG investing is knocking at your door ... or should be

October 2018

Coverage of an ESG panel, moderated by Sonya, at Investment News’ Women Adviser Summit.

Marketing Failures and Fixes

July 2018

Sonya was quoted for her pragmatic marketing expertise in this cover article for the Journal of Financial Planning.

“You don’t have to be just like other financial services professionals,” Dreizler said. “It’s OK to show your personality. Clients connect with people; they don’t connect with an industry, they connect with individual people.”

What Are The Sustainable Development Goals? Why Do They Matter?

June 2018

Sonya gets you up to speed with this primer all about the UNSDGs, or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and what they mean to the Impact Investing community.

If the work you are doing is even tangentially related to impact investing, you’ve likely heard chatter about the SDGs, which is short for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sonya mentioned them as one of the top themes she saw in 2017, and they continue to come up at every impact focused event she attends. What are the SDGs, why are impact investing professionals talking about them, and what’s next?

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#FemalesAndFinance Initiative

January 2018

Sonya was honored to be featured in Sheryl Brown's #FemalesAndFinance initiative. Sheryl, with her company BionicSocial, shines a light on women in finance, an industry that continues to be heavily dominated by white men. Sheryl is inspiring women in finance by featuring women that are pushing the industry forward, thereby encouraging more women to seek careers in finance. 

Sonya's featured quote: "One of the best aspects of being a woman in finance is how collaborative and helpful the other women in the field are. Almost every woman I know in financial services works either formally or informally on helping other women in the field. After 15 years in the industry, I have an amazing network of powerful women that can help open doors and answer questions for other women. Of course, we still have a long way to go. I'd love to see financial services C-suites and boards that are not only 50% women, but also representative of the communities they serve in terms of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and life experience. Diverse and inclusive boards and executive teams make better business decisions. And it's the just way to operate a business and serve clients and communities."

5 Things Clients ACTUALLY Care About: Preparing for an Awesome 2018

January 2018

Sonya joins Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran from Top Advisor Marketing to discuss what clients actually care about vs. what financial advisors think clients want to hear.

 Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor Magazine

Four Common Hurdles to Adopting Impact Investing

January 2018

Sonya describes the four most common hurdles (and how to get past them) she sees when helping advisors add Impact Investing to their practices.

"Clients want impact investing options. Women want it. Millennials want it.  Even investors aged 65+ are interested. I've seen this survey data reflected anecdotally while helping RIAs add impact investing to their practices. The financial advisors and RIA executives I speak with want to meet the increasingly frequent requests of their clients and prospects who want their money working in line with their values and interests. Many RIAs and advisors find themselves interested in impact investing, but encounter hurdles in moving from interest to adoption. Here are the most common four hurdles I see, and how to address them."

Download this easy to read and share whitepaper on the hurdles to adopting Impact Investing and how to overcome them here.

5 Impact Investing Trends That Emerged From 2017

December 2017

Sonya outlines five impact investing trends she's seen emerge in 2017.

From EA to CEO, How This Female Founder Kick Started Her New Venture

December 2017

An in-depth interview with Sonya- covering her career story, finding mentors, her thoughts on technology in the asset management space, Impact Investing, her volunteer service, and even her tattoo!

"I’ve sat in the chair that most of my clients are sitting in. I’ve been in the position of trying to balance the business needs and the budget. I understand what it’s like to want to make a better client experience while also balancing the needs of regulations, compliance, employees, client service, and changing technology. I’ve been through those challenges and can come in with practical approaches to help other folks dealing with similar issues of growth and scale."

Is Wall Street Still a Bastion of Male Domination?

November 2017

Courtney McQuade interviews Sonya as well as two other leaders in finance, Winnie Sun and Katherine Earhart, for their insights in working in a male dominated field.

"I’d love to see companies formalize diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that have the full support of upper management and buy-in throughout the organization. I would encourage both men and women who have climbed the corporate ladder, to look back and help mentor other people, and when they do so, stretch out of their comfort zones and offer their knowledge and resources to women of color as frequently as possible. The makeup of our board rooms, C-suites, and companies should reflect the diversity of the broader communities in which we live. We’re pitifully behind as an industry but if everyone steps up, we can change the face of our industry for the next generation."

The SRI Conference - 28 Years Strong

September 2016

Sonya speaks with The ESG Advisor about the upcoming SRI Conference.

Top Advisor Marketing Podcast - How to Leverage Impact Investing in Your Practice

April 2017

Sonya stops by the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast to discuss Impact Investing and break down the jargon and acronyms popping up in this newly popular area of responsible investing.  She outlines the steps advisors need to consider to add impact investing to their practice.

 Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor Magazine

Green Investing: All In The Family

April 2016

Paul Ellis interviews Sonya and her Dad as part of a series about millennials and sustainable investing. 

" I think the new regulations are well intended, and better protecting the end client is always a good idea, but increased regulation is very challenging for smaller firms. That is one of the reasons we see more and more consolidation in the industry.

Investment News 40 under 40

May 2015

Sonya was honored to be included in the 2015 class of the Investment News 40 under 40 project, which "aims to provide a glimpse of the tremendous potential in the financial advice industry by finding often unrecognized young talent doing remarkable things. The key attributes the editorial staff looked for among the 1,200 nominations we received in each of this project’s first two years were: accomplishment to date, contribution to the industry, leadership and promise."