Is this you?

You began your career as a financial advisor because you enjoyed serving clients and giving thoughtful, personalized financial advice.  You were good at it and your business grew through hard work, referrals, and possibly acquisitions.  Now that you have a successful practice, you spend more time "running the business" instead of talking with clients.  
If so, I'd love to help you to:
Get back to doing what you enjoy.
Meet more frequently with clients.
Reduce business risk.

I'll bring my COO experience and CEO perspective to your firm.  Let me come help you take the next steps.

Assess & Report

I'll come to your office and visit with you, other management members, and key staff members.  We'll talk about your vision for your company, your core values, and what your clients value about your firm. Then we'll discuss what kind of work you love to do, what kind of work you actually do, and I'll give my recommendations on how to make your practice more efficient so you can get back to doing more of what you enjoy.


After an assessment, some firms choose to engage me for assistance in implementing my recommendations.  I love to get in and help with details- technology selection, improving management communications, choosing outsourcing firms, key hire interviews, social media strategy, etc.  Firms that choose to add implementation services are likely to see results faster.

Ongoing Coaching

Coaching can be added in tandem with implementation services or as a stand-alone option.  In a coaching relationship, I'll help you to define your goals for your business, figure out the steps you need to take to reach the goals, and hold you accountable.  Coaching can be done by phone or in person, depending on location, and usually has at least 2 sessions per month.  For an engagement with multiple principals, coaching can be done individually, together, or a combination of the two.