Impact & ESG Investing- How I Work With Clients

Like all of my engagements, I customize each collaboration to your needs. Here are examples of common ways I help RIAs, Mututal Funds, FinTech firms, and custodians to understand the landscape, create compelling product, and market existing solutions in a more engaging way.


Educational Presentations on Impact/ ESG Marketplace & Best Practices

Typical client: Financial Services Conferences, Large Mutual Fund Families, Custodians

How I help: This presentation or workshop, tailored to your company's needs, covers the current marketplace for impact and ESG products, as well as best practices for adding or implementing impact investing solutions to an advisory practice.


New Impact or ESG Products or Services

Typical clients: RIAs, Mutual Funds, FinTech companies

How I help: I'll help you to design and implement an impact or ESG solution that is aligned with both the philosophies and operational infrastructure of your firm. Because the best way to launch a new product, is follow your prior steps to success.


Marketing Existing Products or Services

Typical client: RIAs, Mutual Funds, FinTech Firms

How I help: If you have an impact solution already, I'll help you speak about it with clients and market it to prospects so clients feel more connected to their portfolios (and to you!) and prospects see the additional value your firm delivers.

Impact Investing, ESG, Sustainable & Responsible Investing- Whatever you call it, the upward trend is impossible to ignore. According to a 2018 study by Morningstar, "Assets under management in portfolios that use various approaches to sustainable investing have grown to an estimated $23 trillion globally, an increase of more than 600% over the past decade." Financial planners say they plan to increase their use of ESG; and in a 2018 survey of high net worth and affluent investors, 44% of participants "cited help from a financial advisor as the factor that would most encourage them to make an impact investment."

While some firms use impact and sustainable investing to connect more deeply with clients, other firms utilize ESG metrics as a screen for risk and to help finding forward thinking companies. 

I grew up with impact investing- read my impact story here- and enjoy helping firms create and execute on their unique take in impact, sustainable, or ESG investing. I bring 15 years of hands-on financial services experience and keep up on the latest impact investing developments so you don't have to.  I excel at meeting my clients where they are at, helping define big picture goals, and taking pragmatic steps towards those goals.